Spotting e siti consigliati


A selection of links to interesting aviation websites.

Link - Alimages - photos and reports.

Link I-Enry Aviation - Aviation photography

Link Air Photo Jet - Aviation photography

Link Aero World News - Brazilian website dedicated to civil and military aviation

Link - Photos & Reports - Military and civil aviation

Link - Photography website

Link - Italian general aviation website. Registrations & photos of Italian 'General Aviation' - light aircrafts, motorgliders and homebuilts.

Link Aeroporti Lombardi - Airports in Lombardy.

Link Luciocaste - Aviation photography

Link Spotterinfo - Luftfahrt im Fokus.

Link VolaBologna - VolaBologna website

Link - Civil aviation website and forum

Link Aviation Air Professional video & photographics freelance reporters

Link Thrust Idle - In flight with an Airbus pilot




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